George Soros Contribution to Hillary Clinton

George Soros is an American billionaire who uses his wealth to change the lives of other people on a large scale. He has been involved in the past through donations for the Democratic Party to try to defeat several Republican candidates. His most notable contribution is the $ 27 million that he contributed to the Democratic Party to try and defeat the president-elect of that time, George Bush. After this attempts failed, he stopped making political contributions on until recently. He was back at it again making contributions for his long life friend, Hillary Clinton in her race to the white house. During this campaign, it is estimated that Soros spent over $ 25 million dollars for the causes of the Democratic Party. This figure has been reported by some of the operatives of the Democratic Party as well as some of the sources close to George Soros and the Federal Election Commission.

George Soros is Hungarian-born but has managed to become a citizen of the United States of America through naturalization. The Forbes ranks him as one of the richest men in America with an estimated wealth of about $ 25 billion. He has managed to make this wealth by making investments using risky currency trade on George Soros is an old man as he is 85 years old now. However, his age did not stop him from attending the Democratic Convention that was being held in Philadelphia. The only thing that stopped him from attending the meeting was an urgent matter with his European investments that required his supervision. George Soros and Clinton are old friends as they have known each other for more than two and a half decades. During this period, Soros would openly denounce the presidential elect, Donald Trump, and would refer to him as an agent of ISIS. This is understandable as these two people don’t agree on the slightest of the ideas at The two tend to disagree on the immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms.

It is believed that Soros has more faith in Clinton and that the two always agreed on the three major issues here. According to a representative from Soros, he said that George Soros was active in this election as he felt that the stakes were here this time round. The support by Soros was a good thing as it led to more donation by other rich men. Some of the people who followed suit after this donation include Don Sussman, the New York hedge fund funder who made a contribution of $13.2 million as well as Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban as the two gentlemen made a donation of $ 11.1 million each.

These donations do not just go to the Democratic Party but go to other organizations on Politico that were involved in the campaign. For instance, some of the funds went to the American Bridge 21st Century that was a major opposition of Trump campaign. Some other funds went to the Immigrant Voters Win that was charged with ensuring that the minorities vote during the presidential election.

Day Trips to UK Vintners Near London

When visiting London you have a tremendous choice of activities from which to choose. After a few days of Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city think about a visiting a UK Vintners located less than a two hour drive away.

The website for the Thames and Chilterns Vineyards Association can help you to find one of the many UK Vintners who offer vineyard tours and tastings as well as wine sales. Plan ahead, though, because not all vineyards are open to the public.

Alder Ridge Vineyard is located about 52 miles from the city in Hungeford, West Berkshire. Their wines are actually produced and bottled in Hampshire’s Hattingley Valley, but you can take a 45 minute tour of the vineyard by appointment. Twice a year in the Summer, they also offer a tasting and supper event. Using mostly pinot noir grapes, they specialize in sparkling wines. You can purchase Alder Ridge wines at nearby Cobbs Farm Shop, also in Hungeforde. This is a great stop in itself.

Located in Gawcott, the Chafor Wine Estate offers a wide variety of tours, from self-guided to private to public. They feature activities such as “Pizza n’ Pinot” where you can drink wine and dine on pizza made in their on site, wood-fired ovens. You can sample some award winning whites along with roses. They will introduce a sparkling rose in 2017.

The Harrow and Hope Vineyard in Marlow was planted in 2010. The owners are just now releasing some 2013 vintages. They ferment their grapes in small batches to allow for the greatest number of blend options and offer mostly 2013 sparkling wines. The release of a 2014 vintage is slated for February of 2017. You can book ahead for a tour and tasting.

Among the older of the UK Vintners, Stanlake Park Wine Estate actually traces back to 1160 with the vineyards planted in 1979. At the estate you will find a selection of reds, whites, and roses. There are numerous dates from which to choose for their two hour tour, and a look at the “Tour” page on their site promises an enjoyable time. If you want to temporarily escape the city life, why not plan a trip to one of the UK Vintners located just a short distance from London?

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Making The Most Of NBA Betting

In order to give yourself the opportunity to not only enjoy basketball, but also make some money in the process, you will need to reach out to a company that can help you out. It is also very important that you learn everything that you can about basketball betting. With this in mind, this article will teach you about some of the most critical points.

Around Christmas time, the NBA season will begin to heat up as the All Star game approaches and teams begin making a run for the playoffs. Now is the time to truly key in on the teams to see which types of bets are available.

Once you are ready to start making bets on NBA games, there are some very important piece of information you need to know you need to find a website that will teach you all about the odds of betting. This is when comes in handy. This website can teach you the ins and outs of basketball betting and will have betting lines and basketball odds for a number of basketball games. When you understand these factors, you will have the opportunity to then go game by game and make the absolute most out of the betting process.

This website will teach all of NBA odds and will allow you to understand the betting lines that are available to you. By seeing these betting lines, you will give yourself the opportunity to masterfully go game by game, whether you are betting on the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls. This will give you the opportunity to also understand the odds of the game and will be able to understand how to cover the spread on a game which is absolutely necessary in most cases.

There is a lot of money to be made in betting NBA games, but you must understand what you were doing. The more you understand about the process, the better chance you will have two make some serious cash throughout the course of the season and will throughout the playoffs and championship rounds. The fact when these tips and use them to the best of your ability. This way you will understand the basketball odds in place for any kind of game you are betting on and will increase the likelihood of making successful bets on any sort of NBA game that you are looking into the help of

It’s Not Business as Usual for Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

Where Innovation Meets Execution. The motto of Mike Baur‘s Swiss Startup Factory eloquently explains the purpose of this 2014 born company, to accelerate the growth of many of Switzerland’s finest and most promising startup companies. Baur and his network of investors strive to attract startups that, “disrupt the prevailing norms, products, and business models,” according to

But why did he shift his focus to incubating startups after 20 highly successful years in banking at institutions like Clariden and Sallfort?

“Private banking is very traditional. I am not such a traditional person which brings me to some crazy stuff like incubation,” said Baur in an interview with He states that, in his private banking days he worked with many successful entrepreneurs who taught him what it takes to make a young startup grow and thrive. This knowledge fueled his passion for his new found career.

So how does it work? With a focus on startups with digital technology goals, Baur and his team initiate a three month program that guides them through financing, coaching and mentoring while granting them office space and access to the Factory’s large entrepreneurial and investor network.

In an explanation of why he chose the term “factory” he said, “We want to manufacture new Swiss companies.” This involves putting these baby companies through a series of steps from prototyping and accelerating to proof of concept. But with a recent influx of startup accelerators scattering the entrepreneurial landscape worldwide, what makes the Swiss Startup Factory so special?

“The most important differentiation is [that] we have our skin in the game.” Baur said to Founder Stories. “We three co-founders, we have our money in the game so we really want to be successful.” Another important differentiation he makes is that the Factory is independent, meaning that there are no politics or specific obligations to certain stakeholders creating an equal playing field for all startups.

Baur touts Switzerland as one of the best countries in the world to start a company and claims that it’s because Switzerland is great at innovation but not execution. Thus his motto and goal was born. Where Innovation Meets Execution.

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How IAP Worldwide is Helping the Navy

Did you know that the Navy has recently asked IAP Worldwide to join forces with them in an attempt to help others? With the unique skills and expertise that are IAP Worldwide, the military has always looked to them as a long-term provider of support as well as for much needed services that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Other branches of military may not be able to provide certain types of support when needed, but IAP is always at the ready for anything that pops up. One of the long-standing qualities of the company that serves them well is that they are committed to the mission at hand for every mission they take on.

Those who tend to work best with IAP are those who desire to make a difference, as well as those who are loyal to the task at hand. The contract of IAP Worldwide that the US Navy worked out with the Navy is worth about $900 million, and this contract is known as an indefinite quality and quantity contract. This comes as a part of the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award contract, and it is underway at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Worldwide has never lacked the ability or the desire to reach out to the military when they need help most, and at a time when they need support in the form of contingency based contracts. IAP Worldwide’s goals have always been connected to long-term commitment to the military as well as others who need solutions quickly. This is why IAP Worldwide is always the first company they contact when something needs to get done quickly.

The Navy chose to work with IAP because of their sound reputation and their commitment to excellence on the job. Their high standards have made them the only group that the US Air Force chooses to work with as well. Task orders have been given and the work is under way. What better way to work on a contract than one that is contingency based? The services that IAP Worldwide will provide include facilities management, and some construction as it relates to natural disasters. One of the given areas of opportunity here is humanitarian effort.

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Michael Zomber Changing the World in His Way

Michael Zomber is a passionate antique arms collector. He has over the year’s amassed a guns collection from almost all parts of the world. As a result, he is viewed by many as an expert in this field. In his lifelong passionate career, he has collected arms belonging to very prominent people in history. Some of the famous people that he has held their weapons include George Washington and Simon Bolivar.

  1. Zomber graduated Cum Laude with degrees in English and Psychology from the University of Illinois and also got a Masters in English Literature from UCLA. This is in line with his passion for antique arms collection which has seen him visit various parts of the world in his quest for successes. One of the loyal fans that have been there for Michael Zomber is his wife. She has been there providing support and encouragement even when all seemed lost. She was instrumental in encouraging him to go to the big screen and start writing about his escaped in his journey to arms collection prominence.

Michael Zomber has managed to write full-length documentaries like the Soul of the Samurai which have catapulted him to stardom. He is also credited with writing television series and full-length screenplays for Shogun Lemitsu.

Many claim that Michael is a storyteller at heart. His writing skills and prowess have been put to good use in writing some of the best films related to antique guns and armor in general. He is also a full-fledged writer with four novels under his belt. They include the son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy, both of the books are all about Civil War times detailing what happened in Civil Wars. Another novel of interest is the Soul of Samurai. This novel is set up in 17th-century Japan and details on what took place around that time.

His globe-trotting experience has taken him to many war-torn countries. These experiences have made him a strong advocator of peaceful coexistence of people. He has worked closely with organizations like UNICEF, Doctors without Borders and Amnesty International On matters affecting global peace.

Brad Reifler Has Advice For The American Investor


Brad Reifler is a hedge fund manager at Forefront Capital, and he is sure that people will be able to use the funds that he has created to make money for income. He created a smaller fund that will help people be sure that they can spend a small amount of money on investment, and he is going to invite in people who are going to be able to spend money on investment in a way that will make it grow. He wants them to know that they can use their money to invest without being qualified, and he knows that someone who wants to invest should feel safe in doing so.


He is talking to people about how they will be impacted by the presidential election, and he has written about this more than once because he wants people to know that there will be changes when this happens. He wants these people to have a chance to learn how to get the best results for their investments, but he wants them to watch the election because he knows that they have to be sure that they can get information that might inform their investments.


Ultimately, Brad Reifler knows how to help people to be sure that they know what is happening in the world. The best thing that people can do is to follow Brad Reifler on Twitter, because he knows how to make the right investments at the right times. He knows how to create investments for his clients, and he knows what will happen when the presidential election ends. That information is helpful for all the people that he works with, and he wants to be sure that someone who knows how to invest is helping every client. He knows that it can be much easier with help from his fund.  Read his articles about finance, and the election on his Huffington Post profile.

Enjoy Quality Inmate Calling Features Through Securus

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate calling regulator that has reported a few inaccuracies with the Global Tel-Link network that has allotted free calls to the Louisiana area for a limited time. The Public Utility Commission requires that all inmate calls be monitored and go through proper surveillance to ensure the public safety. In fact, Securus is responsible for making sure that you get every minute available under your contract. PRN Newswire reports that Securus is one of the fastest growing correctional calling networks in the industry. They have received a certification 1 that will allow them to expand their services to a global frontier.


Securus has been proudly serving the community for over 40 years. They are committed to bringing their clients services that will give them a unique opportunity to reduce their commute, talk to their loved ones more, and save time. You won’t every have to worry about dropped calls because Securus guarantees a secure network to their valuable customers. Vimeo has become a part of the team by adding a video chat feature to the extensive list of Securus Technologies services. You’ll find yourself in complete control over a high definition video and sound that you can use to stay connected to your loved ones more often.


Securus Technologies Offers


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate Voicemail is a popular feature among inmates because it gives them the opportunity to prepare for their life outside of the facility or give them a sense of freedom if they’re there for an extended stay.


Advanced Pay


You can pay for your inmate calling in advance by having a valid debit or credit card to pay for inmate credits securely over their website. You can become a part of their secure network by joining today on their website.



IAP Worldwide Services expands its business with new acquisitions

In a bid to stay at the top of the competition, any company that operates in the 21st century should always be on the lookout for potential expansion and growth opportunities. This is especially true for IAP Worldwide services, a highly respected company which is run by professionals that know how to expand their business to several markets. After searching for different ways to improve and increase the services they offer, IAP chose to acquire two new companies. The leaders behind the acquisition show that they are always ready to sport an opportunity in the market and know the right time to acquire it.

The two newly acquired corporations, DRS INC and Tactical Communications were merged together to form IAP Worldwide Services’ National Security Program Unit and a separate Unit known as the Aviation and Engineering and Solution. The two acquisitions should double IAP’s global market and broaden the kind of services the offer. According to IAP Worldwide CEO, the addition of the communication, networking and communications unit make a natural fit for IAP. It has expanded the nature of services provided by the company. Its major clients, international government organizations and the U.S. will highly benefit from this.

The main reason for the acquisition of the two companies is so that IAP Worldwide Services would better establish its growth model. IAP has an object to have an organic growth that is geared to lean operations and customer-based services. They also want to place a strong emphasis on integrations that compliments their current objectives. This has made IAP be on the constant lookout for new companies they can partner with so as to be a world leader in logistic services.

IAP has in the past made a significant contribution towards the American government on It played a central role in the development of the air traffic control system in Afghanistan. The control was established at the Kabul Air Control Center during Operation Enduring Freedom. The role created a realization to establish new airways in several aspects of the communication systems. The new aviation structure in Afghanistan was critical in restructuring the country’s maintenance and integrity unit.

The global leader in logistics was established of 60 years ago. The past few decades has seen a revolution in the company in terms of services it offers. IAP today has its several services located in close to 100 regions of the world and in more than 20 countries. The company has built a solid reputation with its clients.

Venezuelan Singer Norka Luque brings a new voice in Latino Music

Norka Luque is both a Venezuelan singer and one of the most prominent musicians in her country. She has made a big name for herself as she always makes headlines. She has fans around the globe and many people all over the world come to see her performance. This means that she can be ranked amongst the top world-famous musicians. However, there are yet many people that do not really know her. She has in the recent past taken her singing to the next level and is going to perform at different parts of the United States.


Norka started singing at a young age. At that age, she never imagined that it was going to something as professional. She always wanted to sing professionally but always knew how difficult it was. She initially insisted on focusing on her business. She became a prominent business person after graduation. She later moved to France to study Business Administration. While she enjoyed school, and completed her degree too, she knew that business was just not where she wanted to be. She wanted something that crushed her spirit and stirred energy and motivation within her. All she needed was to go to the Ricky Martin concert to realize that music was her first love.


She had an epiphany at the Ricky Martin concert. She realized her love for music and had to let her business aspirations wait. She then decided to move to the United States where she found a job at Miami. Miami is the hub for Latin music. She had always heard of their music and fallen in love with them. Norka quickly found a job at South Beach, she grew to become a famous Latino singer here known for her beautiful and unique voice.


Word spread about her and just at the right moment, she met Emilio Estefan, a Grammy-winning producer of Miami Sound Machine. Estefan signed her immediately and they began to work on an album. Norka’s musical journey has been one of inspiration and motivation. Shakira, Ricky Martin and many other prominent musicians have been at the fore front to inspire her.


Norka went ahead and produced her first single released in 2011. The music was so good that it earned her title of the best female vocalist of the year. The sound made her stay at the top of music charts in Venezuela, the United States and in Puerto Rico. Her three singles released in 2016 have also hit several music charts.


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